California Community College Districts to offer four-year degree programs

by Chris Tan 21. November 2014 15:42


California Community College Districts have shown a strong interest in developing four-year degree programs. Governor Brown recently signed legislation this fall to authorize the system to award bachelor's degrees as part of a limited pilot program. Thirty-six districts, or half of all districts in the system, have submitted letters of intent to the state Chancellor's Office to be a part of the initiative. 

Authored by Senator Marty Block, Senate Bill 80 will allow up to 15 districts to offer four-year degrees in a field of study not offered by the California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC). Proposed programs are in fields such as airframe manufacturing technology, biomanufacturing, respiratory therapy, and dental hygiene. The initiative will provide more opportunities for Californians to earn a baccalaureate degree and become more competitive in the job market. A bachelor's degree is estimated to cost a total of $10,000 under the new program.

“The districts’ strong interest in building baccalaureate degree programs is heartening,” said California Community Colleges Chancellor Brice W. Harris.  “They are pioneering a new mission for the California Community Colleges and opening up pathways for Californians who may not have had the chance to earn a four-year degree.  I look forward to working with the districts to create world-class programs that graduate highly trained and marketable students.”

The four-year degree programs must be up and running by at least the 2017-18 academic year, but could start as early as Fall 2015. 

View Press Release: 4YearDegree_Press_Release.doc

Susanne S. Cho -- The first Korean American female judge appointed to the Riverside County Superior Court

by Chris Tan 13. November 2014 11:09
On November 12, 2014, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced the appointment of Susan S. Cho and James T. Latting to judgeships in the Riverside County Superior Court. Filling the vacant position after Judge David B. Downing's retirement, Susan is the first Korean American female judge to be appointed to this court. 
Cho graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelors of Arts degree and earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. After serving as the deputy public defender at the Riverside County Public Defender's Office from 1994-2004, she was an attorney at the Law Offices of Rodney Lee Soda. She is a democrat. 
Susanne S. Cho

APAPA congratulates Susanne S. Cho for her appointment to the Riverside County Superior Court. Her success is another step closer towards increasing representation of the API community in civic affairs. 



The API newly elected officials in California

by Chris Tan 4. November 2014 10:49
APAPA is honored to have worked together with other API associations, organizations and individuals to help get more API’s to seek elected and appointed offices in California.  The successes of the API candidates from the November 4, 2014 election is the highest in history.    
APAPA congratulates the following API newly elected officials from the November 4, 2014 election.  Official election results will be certified by the California Secretary of State in a few days. 
U.S. Representatives
  • District 6 Sacramento - Doris Matsui
  • District 17 San Jose - Mike Honda
  • District 27 Monterey Park - Judy Chu
  • District 33 Coastal Los Angeles - Ted Lieu
  • District 41 Inland Empire - Mark Takano

CA Supreme Court

  • Associate Justice - Goodwin Liu
CA Constitutional Officers
  • Controller - Betty Yee
  • Treasurer - John Chiang
  • Attorney General - Kamala Harris
  • Board of Equalization District 2 - Fiona Ma
California Senate
  • District 6 Sacramento - Richard Pan
  • District 34 Orange County - Janet Nguyen
California Assembly
  • District 17 San Francisco - David Chiu
  • District 19 San Francisco - Philip Ting
  • District 18 Alameda - Rob Bonta
  • District 25 Fremont - Kansen Chu
  • District 28 Campbell - Evan Low
  • District 37 Santa Barbara - Das Williams
  • District 49 Monterey Park - Ed Chau
  • District 55 Diamond Bar - Ling-Ling Chang
  • District 65 Fullerton - Young Kim
County Board of Supervisors
  • Orange District 2 - Michelle Steel
City Councils
  • City of Elk Grove Council District 4 - Steve Ly
  • City of San Diego Council District 6 - Chris Cate


  • LA Superior Court Judge - Alison Matsumoto

School Districts

  • Sacramento City Unified School District - Darrel Woo

How to get Asian immigrants in the U.S. to vote? Reach out to them in their native language

by Chris Tan 30. October 2014 11:38

Although Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing communities in the U.S., their voter participation is relatively low compared to other ethnic groups. An article from Public Radio International (PBR) brings light to the efforts to get more of the racial group out to vote. 

The difficulty of reaching out to Asian Americans is the language barrier. The community is comprised of many languages, which makes it hard for candidates to communicate with them. 

“They come from countries where democracy, this kind of a voting process, isn’t part of their natural culture,” says Tanzila Ahmed of Asian Americans Advancing Justice, a civic engagement group. “They have to learn about what it means to be a voter. It’s a very new process for them.”

Using student volunteers, Ahmed is operating a phone bank to provide voter information in 17 languages including Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Bengali. Her goal is to register about 30,000 voters. 

APAPA hopes that the combined efforts of like-minded organizations will increase voter participation in future elections. 

This post originally appeared on Public Radio International (PBR)


Viral "Hand of Power" video encourages AAPI community to register to vote

by Chris Tan 28. October 2014 16:00

Three weeks after the "Hand of Power" video was launched to encourage Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to turn out to vote, the video has already garnered over 250,000 views on YouTube. Featuring Filipino actor-dancer Gabriel Valenciano and other stars, the video has been shared by organizations such as APAPA and elected officials including Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, San Francisco Mayor Lee, Los Angeles Eric Garcetti, and State Controller John Chiang. 

“Millennials need to join the millions of people who will be going to the polls this fall, said Leo Liu, founder of Project Firecracker.”  “We think humor is a great way to reach people who haven’t been active in politics.  Asian American young people need to make their voice heard and share what’s important to them – and this video is made for Asian American young people.”

The video can be seen here:

This post originally appeared on Asian Week


Job Opening: Program Manager for China Direct

by Chris Tan 28. October 2014 10:28

The California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce is seeking to fill the position of Program Manager for China Direct.

China Direct is a federally funded program administered by the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce under cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration. This position directs, manages, supervises, and coordinates all associated outreach and recruitment efforts, events, and activities associated with the China Direct program, a statewide food products export promotion program housed within the International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Division of the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce.

Requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Availability for extensive travel: domestic and international
  • Minimum three (3) years experience in exporting development and market analysis
  • Minimum five (5) years experience at the managerial level in export development

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Assist with development and implementation of programs which respond to private sector export needs in the areas of market intelligence, regional export strategy development, use of intellectual property as tools for enhancing export development; and assisting BSOs with providing a wider range and quality of services.
  • Provide technical leadership and direction for engaging directly with (a) small businesses across the California to accelerate or develop their export readiness, and (b) trade support organizations to enhance their export support capacities and readiness.
  • Assist with and help provide leadership and direction to advisors and staff planning, coordinating, and implementing technical assistance and capacity building programs for SME exporters, and for trade support organizations within the California.

For a detailed description of job requirements and responsibilities visit:

More than 4,000 Asian Americans hold public office in the U.S.

by Chris Tan 28. October 2014 10:10

More than 4,000 Asian-Americans hold public office across 39 states and the federal government, according to the National Asian Pacific American Political Almanac. The almanac attributes this finding to two factors. One, that Asian-Americans have become the fastest-growing racial group by percentage, and second, the group have been engaged in local political activism. 

One of those Asian-Americans is Judy Chu, who is the first Chinese-American woman to be elected to Congress. Originally aspiring to be a computer scientist, Judy first decided to actively participate in public policy when an anti-immigrant, English-only movement swept through her hometown of Monterey Park, California. She ran for city council, and the rest is history. 

" the past Asian-Americans didn't much care about immigration reform. But thanks to nonprofits and advocacy groups working in Asian-American communities, she thinks there will be support for comprehensive reform."

These findings show a a huge step forward for the API community. APAPA hopes that the growth of API involvement in public policy continues to grow

This post originally appeared on Voice of America



San Diego City Council District 6 Candidates Forum

by Sokie Hul 10. October 2014 14:18

San Diego City Council District 6 Candidates Forum

By Ron Cho

October 7, 2014, San Diego, CA – APAPA San Diego Chapter (APAPA-SDC) along with co-organizers Asian Business Association of San Diego, and CEPA-Net (A joint program of Southwest Center For Asian Pacific American Law and Council of Philippine American Organizations) presented a Candidates Forum for San Diego’s District 6 City Council Race at Mira Mesa High School in San Diego. Tuesday evening featured Chris Cate and Carol Kim, the two candidates of Asian Pacific Islander ethnicity who are vying for the vacant seat; due to the 2011 Redistricting, District 6's Asian Pacific American population is more than 30 percent. Besides current City Council President Mayor Todd Gloria, who is part Filipino, the last API to serve on City Council was Tom Hom in 1963. The forum touched on a myriad of city issues including local minimum wage, transient occupancy tax, and city services. Approximately 100 people were in attendance to hear the candidates express their viewpoints.

This is the final of three scheduled Candidates Forums presented by APAPA – San Diego Chapter over the past year leading up to the November 4, 2014 General Election. “APAPA – San Diego Chapter is proud to have presented these forums to the residents of District 6. We are also delighted to have collaborated with like-minded organizations such as ABA, and CEPA Net in bringing these important civic events to the communities of San Diego. Our approach is to present an open, objective and fair platform for candidates to express their views and most importantly, for residents to participate in the election process and become informed voters,” said Ron Cho, President of APAPA – San Diego Chapter.

Here's what happened at the 2014 Voters Education & Candidates Forum

by Chris Tan 9. October 2014 12:08

In author Thomas Ehrlich’s Civic Responsibility and Higher Education, a civically responsible individual is described as one who “recognizes himself or herself as a member of a larger social fabric and therefore considers social problems to be at least partly his or her own; such an individual is willing to see the moral and civic dimensions of issues, to make and justify informed moral and civic judgments, and to take action when appropriate.”

On the early Saturday morning of September 27, 2014, the spirit of civic engagement was apparent throughout the University Ballroom at California State University, Sacramento. Hundreds of attendees joined together for APAPA’s 13th Annual Voters Education and Candidates Forum. Citizens came to become educated about candidates and issues, while candidates shared their views and debated amongst each other. Hosted by former news anchor Pamela Wu, the MC set the tone for the non-partisan event with a warm welcome to all of the attendees.

Pamela brought forth the speaker Michelle Rhee to provide an opening speech for the Voters Education & Candidates Forum. Michelle provided a humorous anecdote of Mayor Kevin Johnson’s experience with her Korean family, and assured the audience that the Mayor is “Asian-adjacent.” “Regardless of which side you choose, the most important thing is to get educated and to get out and vote” Michelle said.  

After Michelle Rhee’s closing remarks, the 2014 Public Service Award was presented to County Supervisor Jimmie Yee by State Controller John Chiang and Board of Equalization member Betty Yee. Betty praised Jimmie Yee for being an effective leader who has ensured that the integrity of our local government is upheld. “I think the successes that we stand here celebrating within this great city of Sacramento are really, in no small part, due to the leadership of the honorable Jimmie Yee” she expressed. John Chiang also commended Jimmie Yee’s integrity and professional qualifications that have made a fundamental difference in the community.  “We've only been stronger, better, and more hopeful about our future because of Jimmie's servitude” the State Controller said.

Expressing gratitude for receiving the award, the County Supervisor talked about the importance of educating citizens on what is happening in the political world. Looking back at his 20 years of service, Jimmie reflected that he was “certainly pleased to have been given the opportunity to serve our local community.” Before leaving the stage, he voiced his appreciation for APAPA’s work to develop young individuals who are interested in becoming involved.

Later on, Secretary of State Debra Bowen briefly spoke to the audience about voter registration. She announced that the voter registration forms are offered in 10 languages, encouraging the audience to reach out to friends or family, who were previously restricted by language barriers, to vote. “We govern ourselves. We choose. We decide. And for people who think it doesn’t make a different, it does” the Secretary of State urged. As an example, Debra brought up the bill that banned smoking in restaurants, which had passed by only one vote in the State Assembly.  

The candidates’ portion of the event was kicked off by Betty Yee, who is running for the California State Controller position. She talked about the importance of sustaining engagement with the government and elected officials after the elections, to ensure that the voice of the community continues to be heard. “Our democracy is only as strong as the ability of each and every one of us to fully participate in it” she stressed. Some of the candidates who also went on stage included Greg Conlon for State Treasurer, Senator Jim Nielsen for California Senate District 4, Senator Ted Gaines for Insurance Commissioner, Tax Attorney Chris Parker for Board of Equalization, and Paulina Miranda for State Senate District 8.  

 Several panels were held to educate attendees about the upcoming candidates and their ideas on handling various issues. The first panel was a debate between Congressional District 7 candidates Ami Bera (Democrat) and Doug Ose (Republican). The next panel consisted of State Senate District 6 Candidates Roger Dickinson (Democrat) and Richard Pan (Democrat). Lastly, the State Assembly panel included District 7 candidates Steve Cohn (Democrat) and Kevin McCarty (Democrat), District 8 Candidates Ken Cooley (Democrat) and Doug Haaland (Republican), and District 9 candidates Jim Cooper (Democrat) and Darrell Fong (Democrat).

 Lastly, there was a debate on Measure L, also known as the “Sacramento Checks and Balances Act of 2014.” Proponents of the measure included Former Chief Administrative Officer of the State Assembly Maeley Tom and District 6 City Councilmember Jay Schenirer. Opponents included Former Mayor of Sacramento Heather Fargo and Co-President of the League of Women Voters Sacramento Paula Lee.

 Thanks to our sponsors and partnering community organizations, APAPA can continue to provide education on public policies and issues that are important to the community. Together, we can promote higher civic engagement in public affairs.

 To learn more about this event, visit Photos can be viewed at

APAPA to Serve as an Official Ballot Drop-Off Site for 2014 General Election

by Sokie Hul 6. October 2014 11:38

Attention all Permanent Absentee Voters of Sacramento County!

The Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA) will serve as an official ballot drop-off site for the 2014 General Election starting on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 until Election Day, Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

During the week of October 13th, permanent absentee voters of Sacramento County can drop off their completed & signed vote by mail ballot packets at APAPA's National Headquarters at 4000 Truxel Road, Suite 3, Sacramento, CA 95834, (916) 928-9988,

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm (closed Saturdays & Sundays)

For other ballot drop-off locations nearest you, please visit the California Secretary of State's website here:

Vote By Mail:

Sacramento County Voter Registration and Elections:

Job Opportunity! Bilingual Election Officers Needed:


REPORT: Civic Engagement Findings on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

by Chris Tan 18. September 2014 11:52

A series of reports on Asian American and Pacific Islanders was released this year, 2014, by the Center for American Progress and AAPI Data. The report provides comprehensive data and analysis on several topics, including public opinion, education, and immigration. Here is a breakdown on the civic engagement section of the report.


According to their data, Asian Americans are continuing to be a larger part of the electorate. The doubling of Asian American voters in the last decade has increased their share of the voting population to 2.9 percent. The percentage is higher when looking at states such as Hawaii (50 percent) and California (10 percent).


Although the Asian American electorate is growing, voter participation in this racial group is lower compared to others. “Even as Asian immigrants continue to be among the fastest to naturalize among eligible immigrants,” say authors Karthick Ramakrishnan and Farad Z. Ahmad, “the relatively high number of recent immigrants in this group means that their eligibility to vote is less than most other racial groups.”


Voter registration is also noticeably lower for AAPIs. Whites and African Americans have a 73 percent registration percentage rate, while Asian Americans are sitting at 56 percent and Pacific Islanders at 58 percent. This explains the voter turnout for the 2012 presidential election, as Asian Americans (47 percent) were less likely to vote as whites (64 percent) and African Americans (66 percent). The report revealed that naturalized citizens were more likely to vote than native-born citizens, but this is mainly due to the age gap. AAPIs born in the United States were, on average, 13 years younger than foreign immigrants.


An important note to keep in mind is that the AAPI group represents a large diversity of national origins. Breaking it down, groups such as Japanese Americans and Indian Americans had a higher voter percentage than others such as Chinese Americans and Korean Americans. “Only 40 percent of Laotian American registered voters turned out to vote,” reported the authors, “compared to more than 85 percent of Indian Americans, Japanese Americans, and Hmong Americans.”


The lower AAPI voter turnout could partly be attributed to this group receiving little election-related contact. The 2012 AAPI Post-Election Survey revealed that “only 31 percent of Asian Americans and 26 percent of Pacific Islanders were contacted about the November election.” Community organizations were shown to play a vital role in contacting Asian Americans; 20 percent of Asian Americans contacted by community organizations said that they received no communication from either the Republican or Democratic Party.


As one of these community organizations, APAPA seeks to continue increasing the AAPI voter turnout in upcoming elections. We hope to register more voters at our 2014 Voters Education & Candidates Forum on September 27, 2014. Learn more at:


View the report here

The Debate on Measure L

by Chris Tan 16. September 2014 10:49

Measure L, called the “Sacramento Checks and Balances Act of 2014,” will be placed on the ballet this upcoming November. The measure will replace the city’s “council-member” government structure to a “mayor-council.” If passed, many of the city manager’s authorities will be transferred to the mayor, including the ability to veto ordinances and present budgets to the council. The mayor could also appoint a city manager, with approval from the city council, and remove them at will. The measure has sparked heated debates with strong arguments for and against the plan.


Measure L supporters believe the Act creates direct accountability to voters and real checks and balances for neighborhoods. Pointing out that Sacramento has a nearly 100 year old governance structure, advocates believe the measure will modernize our current system. They also assert that Measure L will create higher standards of conduct and increase transparency through a new Ethics Committee.


Opponents argue that the measure is a power grab for the mayor and will give more influence to big money donors. They believe that there lacks compelling reasons to amend Sacramento’s current system, which has given the city a budget surplus, additional cops and firefighters, and the preservation of our basketball team. Refuting that Measure L will create more transparency and accountability, the opposition believes it will cause more backroom decision-making.


A debate on the initiative will be held at our 2014 Voters Education & Candidates forum on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at CSUS. Representatives from the group Sacramento Tomorrow will be arguing for Measure L, while The League of Women Voters will represent the opposition. Attendees will be given the opportunity to ask questions and speak to the panelists.


RSVP to our event to hear the debate: 


Sacramento residents will be able to vote on Measure L at the November 4th ballot. 

San Diego City Council District 6 Candidates Forum on October 7, 2014

by Chris Tan 11. September 2014 11:05

The San Diego City Council District 6 Candidates Forum takes place on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at the Mira Mesa High School Library in San Diego, CA. Be an informed voter and hear candidates Chris Cate and Carol Kim share their thoughts and views on important San Diego issues at this free event.


View Flyer


For RSVP or Questions, email

Seating is limited. Please RSVP by 10/3/2014.

Capitol Daybook Latest Job Listings - Week of August 28, 2014

by Chris Tan 28. August 2014 17:54

Attention current job seekers! Please see current job listings below courtesy of Capitol Daybook:


County of Sacramento County Executive Office Management Analyst I & II: County of Sacramento is recruiting for: County Executive Office Management Analyst I Deadline to Apply: 5:00 PM September 17, 2014. Approximate Monthly Salary $5,505.36 - $6,690.30 and County Executive Office Management Analyst II Deadline to Apply: 5:00 PM September 17, 2014 Approximate Monthly Salary $8,287.62 - $9,136.74. Review full job announcement and apply on-line at: (9/17/14)

California Housing Consortium Internship: CHC is searching for a policy intern to assist the Policy Director in developing CHC’s outreach materials for congressional and legislative visits and assist in legislative research activities. Position is located in Sacramento. Learn more and apply HERE. (9/11/14)


California Department of Conservation Executive Assistant: The Department of Conservation’s (DOC), California Geological Survey is seeking an Executive Assistant to provide secretarial support to the State Geologist (CEA B) in the CGS Headquarters Office. Interpret proposed policy documents to ensure consistency with overall departmental or other policy or law, and keeps the Division Office Technician’s and the State Geologist apprised of updates in the areas of training, travel, etc. Analyze less complex proposed legislation and research history of legislative bills in order to present background information for the State Geologist. Track legislative bills assigned to staff for timely return to the legislative office and maintain legislative bill files for the Division. Position is located in Sacramento. Learn more and apply HERE. (9/11/14)


See more jobs listings at

2014 Alumni Conference: What happened in a weekend gathering of young leaders from all over the world

by Chris Tan 25. August 2014 09:40

Over 70 interns and alumni attended an Alumni Conference on August 8-10, 2014. The attendees were interns/alumni of organizations such as APAPA, CAUSE, APALI, and VNA. Along with APAPA’s interns/alumni residing in California, many interns/alumni flew in from Texas, Florida, and New York to represent their chapters. In addition, students from prestigious universities in China came to the conference to do a cross-cultural exchange.

The conference was held for three days in Vacaville, California. The program consisted of networking, workshops, and mentoring. The event featured speakers including Councilmember Evan Low, the first Korean American journalist K.W. Lee, and Governor Brown’s Appointments Secretary Mona Pasquil. The workshops were hosted by the Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc. (LEAP), and included topics such as “How your Asian cultural values can add impact to your career goals” and the “Importance of effective communication skills.” Over 40 business professionals, public officials, and organization leaders participated as speed mentors, offering advice to the young and bright attendees at the event.

We would not be able to organize these types of conferences without the help of our volunteers and sponsors. With your support, APAPA can continue to develop our future leaders, whether they want to play an active role in public policy, empower the API community, or to guide others. These types of events allow these interns/alumni to create a professional network and gain valuable experience that can guide them towards their aspirations.

APIAVote is Hiring

by Chris Tan 5. August 2014 11:00

A partnering organization of APAPA, APIAVote is a national nonpartisan organization that works with local nonprofit partners to mobilize Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in electoral and civic participation. The organization is hiring for two positions, including:


NATIONAL FIELD DIRECTOR:  APIAVote is hiring for a professional with campaign experience in the field including voter registration, engagement, voter files and data management, get out the vote, and election protection for the fall 2014 election season. This position is to start immediately and is a 6 month position that has potential to extend to 2015 for the right candidate. Candidate can be based in other locations but preference would be Washington, D.C. CLICK HERE for more details.


COMMUNICATION AND DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE: APIAVote is hiring for a candidate who is detailed oriented and has some experience in communications and fundraising. This is position is to start immediately and is a full time permanent position based in Washington D.C. with a competitive compensation and benefits package. CLICK HERE for more details.


To apply, email your resume and cover letter by August 15, 2015 and explain why you are a good fit for the position you are seeking to fill and other attachments to APIAVote is an equal opportunity employer; women, minorities, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.  For more information on APIAVote, please go to


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How Pacific Islander Students Are Slipping Through the Cracks

by Sokie Hul 25. July 2014 10:03

Please see the article below regarding Pacific Islander students courtesy of NBC News.

"How Pacific Islander Students Are Slipping Through the Cracks"

Rally for Fox News to Fire Bob Beckel over Racist Remarks on July 29th at San Jose City Hall

by Chris Tan 23. July 2014 17:36

On July 29th, a rally organized by the office of Councilmember Kansen Chu will be held at San Jose City Hall that calls for Fox News to fire Bob Beckel over his racist remarks. Beckel's racist comments were made during Fox talk show The Five July 10th, and can be seen at

Bob Beckel refused to retract his comments, stating that "there are too many Chinese apologists in this country." A former engineer, Councilmember Chu asks for local high-tech engineering groups and individuals to participate in the rally. Please see the press release for more information. 

Download here: PDF Press Release 

APAPA held voters registration booth for new citizens outside Sacramento's naturalization ceremony

by Chris Tan 18. July 2014 17:07

On July 16, 2014, APAPA held a voters registration booth in front of the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium during the naturalization ceremony. Hundreds of new citizens from different countries were sworn in at the ceremony, which allowed APAPA to accomplish their goal of motivating new citizens to become civically engaged. APAPA’s multilingual Sacramento interns, board members, and volunteers were present to communicate with the new citizens in various languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, and Spanish. Thanks to their efforts, APAPA was able to engage the community by empowering them to have a voice in government and public affairs.  

APAPA proudly co-presents the "Acts of Love" Story Contest with the Jeremy Lin Foundation and Jubilee Project

by Chris Tan 11. July 2014 17:17

The Jeremy Lin Foundation and Jubilee Project want to hear your story or the story of someone that your organization serves. Inspire others with your story about a mentor or mentee that you will never forget for a chance to meet Jeremy Lin via Google Hangouts! 


Talk about the challenges you were able to overcome together and the impact they had on your life. If possible, include an accompanying photo that depicts your story. Your entry can be of any length and form – but be thoughtful and creative. Be open and honest. Your stories are powerful, and they play an important role in encouraging others to overcome their challenges as well. These stories will be curated on the Jubilee Project blog to serve as an inspiration for others.


The July 15 deadline is coming up soon next week. Click here to learn more.


Jeremy Lin Foundation Fast Facts:

  • Jeremy Lin, NBA point guard for the Houston Rockets, created this foundation to support the work of organizations that empower underserved children and youth
  • Inspired by his own experience, Jeremy believes that all children and youth should have access to opportunities and mentorship to help them reach their full potential
  • Since 2013, the Foundation has raised over $150,000 for its mission and supported three Houston-based organizations through its Making A Difference Project

Jubilee Project Fast Facts:

  • Jubilee Project was the result of 3 guys who busked their way into starting a 501(c)(3) that inspires change through videography
  • Since 2010, Jubilee Project has produced over 120 videos with 11,000,000+ views and approximately 100,000 subscribers on YouTube
  • Videos advocate awareness for issues such as autism, anti-bullying, and disabilities in partnership with organizations, notably Jeremy Lin Foundation, Be The Match, Alzheimer’s Association among others

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