APAPA – Ohio State Chapter Activities (June & July)

Food for Love photo

As part of a national campaign to show solidarity with all communities impacted by the pandemic, and to honor the over 15,000 Chinese workers who helped build the first Transcontinental Railroad 151 years ago, APAPA Ohio State Chapter conducted a “Food of Love” food drive to provide meals to Ohioans in need. The slogan of the campaign was “50 STATES, 100 CITIES, ONE PEOPLE UNITED”. Across the state , APAPA Ohio worked diligently to raise fund and donated over 14,000  meals to homeless shelters, food pantries, Food Banks in three major cities: Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland.

APAPA Ohio leaders in Columbus area has conducted a series of census and election outreach activity this year. The team has been leveraging social media, as well as zoom to reach the intended audience to promote census and election participation. By working with local Chinese Church, local interest groups, they were able to provide census and election education to around 8000 people count in 10 separate activities/events. They are planning the next step to drop off flyers at local Asian businesses and to reach out to Korean and Indian communities.

Webinar: Asian American Identity & Struggle

On June 27th, APAPA Ohio State Chapter hosted a webinar on Asian American Identity & Struggle. NYT Bestselling Author Abigail Wen was invited to the webinar, and she discussed with participants about how to find common ground in communication between youth and parents. The event attracted a total of 231 participants signing in through Zoom, several participants have the whole family attending. One participant, whose whole family attended the event, gave the following feedback: “By improving communication between different generations and increasing involvement in community, Asian American are moving forward in various ways.”

Webinar: Voting - The Democratic Process

On July 8th, APAPA Ohio and Franklin county Board of Election (BOE) hosted a webinar on voting process. BOE Director Ed Leonard and several BOE officers presented a wide range of voting topics, including Importance of voting, BOE operations, Poll Workers’ positions and responsibilities, Voter Registration, Absentee voting, voting by mail or in person locations etc. About 20 audiences joined the webinar followed by a Q&A.

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