The Future of Leadership Symposium

Changing the World in 2020 and Beyond

Perspectives on Leadership

APAPA asked its interns and alumni to share their views on the state of civic leadership in the age of COVID-19, racial discrimination, and other issues that face our country.

Their personal stories and poignant observations of society help us understand who they are and what they want from our leaders. It’s time to listen to our young people who are filled with so much passion and promise.

This is the first time many of them have expressed their views publicly. We commend them for their thoughtfulness and courage. Their civic activities deserves our support.

Building Solidarity for Racial Justice

As 2020 has laid bare the extensive cracks in our societal foundation, the need for structural change comes into focus more than ever. Racial injustice and anti-Blackness in particular is grounded in

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Leaders Have to Develop Their Skills

I believe that leadership is derived from passion, and commitment from leaders leads to success. A personal trait and background that propels leaders to success is passion for a cause or issue

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