“The APAPA Sacramento Government Relations Committee (GRC) supports Asian and Pacific Islander American leaders who seek government appointments at the local and state level.

The GRC offers logistical support, application and resume review, interview training services, and letters of recommendations to qualified API candidates.

The GRC also trains APAPA chapters across California on establishing their own appointment outreach and training infrastructures.”


  • APAPA is a top-tier source of information for appointments. APAPA and its chapters are well-versed in appointments, eligibility for appointments, and vacancies. It is a trusted source of information in the community.
  • APAPA provides powerful letters of endorsements, recommending the best API candidates for appointment. APAPA has a reputation for submitting extraordinary candidates for appointments at the state and local level. APAPA letters of endorsement mean that a candidate has been thoroughly vetted, and appointing authorities have complete trust in the organization’s choice.
  • APAPA has a well-organized infrastructure to train eligible candidates and maximize their chances of being appointed. APAPA provides best-in-class training services, ranging from resume and application review and interview preparation. APAPA endorsed candidates are known to be the most prepared and the most polished when undergoing the appointment process.


It is extremely important that the lines of communications with the Governor’s Office are limited to key individuals from Sacramento APAPA HQ office, in order to keep communications appropriate and streamlined

APAPA Chapters will not be authorized to contact the Governor’s Office in an official capacity regarding appointments

All formal communications regarding appointments with the Governor’s Office will be conducted via Maeley Tom and the GRC.

Website link for Governor’s Appointment Click Here

Download this questionnaires, complete all questions, and upload

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Meet the APAPA Leadership Team


C.C. Yin
Founder and Chair

C.C. Yin, Founder and Chair, is an established entrepreneur with a heart for serving the community. The Yins are owners of 32 McDonald’s restaurants in Northern California. For the past 30 years, he has been actively involved in a number of organizations and institutions. He has received numerous recognitions and awards at local, state and national levels as a statewide business, civic, political and community leader.

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Maeley Tom
Vice Chair & Treasurer

Maeley Tom spent 20 years in the California State Legislature.She holds the unique distinction of serving in the two highest levelstaff positions of both houses, the Chief Administrative Officer ofthe California State Assembly under Speaker Willie L. Brown Jr. andthe Chief of Staff to the former Senate President pro Tem DavidRoberti in the California State Senate.

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Yen Marshall

National Executive Director

Yen is an Executive MBA Candidate (February 2020) and has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She resides in Sacramento, home to APAPA’s headquarters. We look forward to Yen helping APAPA grow and continue to empower Asian and Pacific Islander Americans through education, leadership and active participation in civic and public affairs.

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GRC Committee

Patrick Le


YK Chalamcherla

Vice Chair

Amy Matecki
Jacqui Nguyen
Ram Thanapandian
Lia Nitake
Tony Lin
Vinod Balakrishna