The Big Day of Giving is more than a once-annual 24-hour giving challenge. It’s the culmination of an entire year’s worth of community-building and collaboration that connects nonprofits to the community-at-large and to each other.

This year, APAPA is participating in the Big Day on May 2, 2019 and want you to help support our interns! Our Internship Scholarship Program is one of our biggest programs. Since 2004, we’ve awarded 500+ internships and scholarships to ambitious, well-deserving students. Our internship program places these future leaders in offices of public officials, providing them valuable tools and resources as well as a better understanding of the legislative process, all to prepare them for excellence in leadership.

Support our interns and help us continue building our future leaders of tomorrow!

This video features a few of our internship program alumni and some California public officials that we’ve worked with, who continue to support our programs by hosting our interns over the summer.

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Meet Christine Miyashiro, Internship Program Alum, 2017

Christine Miyashiro currently serves as a Field Representative in an Assemblymember’s District Office. She is a recent graduate from American University in Washington DC where she received a dual degree in Musical Theater and Political Science. When she isn’t in the district, Christine is at rehearsals in preparation for Woodland Opera House’s production of 42nd Street. Christine’s devotion to public service is rooted in her belief that amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities can incite change. She is forever grateful to the APAPA team for giving her the opportunity to immerse herself in government and politics.

Meet Leanne Chia, Internship Program Alum, 2014

Leanne Chia is a third year law student at the University of Virginia School of Law. During law school, she served as President of the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association. She also served on the Managerial Board of the Virginia Tax Review. At UVA, she participated as a student associate in the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic, the International Human Rights Clinic, and the Non-Profit Clinic. She has worked as a corporate summer associate in Lowenstein Sandler’s technology group, interned with Environment Texas, and volunteered pro-bono for the Texas Civil Rights Project and Dejusticia. Prior to law school, Leanne attended the University of Texas at Austin where she earned bachelor’s degrees in History and Philosophy. Leanne is passionate about uplifting marginalized communities and criminal justice reform.

Meet Jann Lorenze Soto (Renzo, for short), Internship Program Alum, 2016

Jann Lorenzo Soto (Renzo, for short) is a first-generation immigrant from Cabanatuan City, Philippines. He spent the first seven years of his childhood there until immigrating to Harlingen, Texas. In high school, he found an appreciation for policy and politics through his school’s speech and debate team. This experience led him to decide to pursue a career in law and policymaking. He chose to attend the University of Texas at Austin to start working towards his goals. While he pursued his degree, he was involved in multiple internships and part-time jobs, including his 2016 APAPA internship that landed him in a Texas State Representative office in the Texas Capitol. The opportunity granted to him by APAPA eventually led to a hired position in the office as a Legislative Aide for the 2017 Texas Legislative Session where he worked on healthcare, tenants’ rights, and the state’s budget. After that, he spent his final undergraduate semester as an Archer Fellow in Washington, D.C. interning for a Texas Congressman before returning to Texas and graduating with Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy and Government in 2018. Currently, he is the Legislative Director for a Texas State Representative where he handles healthcare and budgetary issues. In the future, he plans to obtain his law degree before returning to work in policymaking and politics.

Meet Kailen Pascual, Internship Program Alum, 2016

Meet Ritta Mashriqi, Internship Program Alum, 2018

My name is Ritta Mashriqi. I was born and raised in New York City and have been residing in Sacramento for 13 years. I attended American River College and just recently transferred to the University of California-Davis as a Sociology Major with an emphasis in Law and Society. After graduating from UCD, I plan to attend UCD Law School to become a Family Law Attorney. APAPA has taught me the importance of networking, civic engagement, and being involved within the community to help make a difference. It helped me understand the importance of being a leader and how to apply that in our everyday lives. To me, civic engagement means working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values, and providing motivation to make that difference. Being a part of APAPA has not only helped me understand the importance of civic engagement, but has helped me understand the importance of making a difference in someone’s life.

Meet Timothy Ou, Internship Program Alum, 2016

Hello, my name is Timothy! I am a proud Texan and currently a third year student in the integrated Master in Professional Accounting program at The University of Texas at Austin. As the oldest of four children, I was raised with traditional family values that I believe are crucial to our thriving society. Moreover, with a background from rural Far West Texas, I have been surrounded by diversity and unique opportunities for the majority of my life. I am a proud Asian American and deeply treasure the values of our opulent culture which weave yet another layer into the vast tapestry of cultures which comprises Texas.

As a former legislative intern, my proudest achievement is authoring the 84th Interim Report for the House Committee on Small Business & Economic Development. The Interim Report was approved by our committee’s chairwoman and submitted to Governor Greg Abbott. Today, my research into the impact of the sharing economy and findings are published in the House Archives. The results have served to benefit the lives of millions of residents and small business owners across the Lone Star State.

My professional aspirations begin with attaining my CPA license in Texas upon graduation. I plan to take my skills into the consulting service sector to problem solve for clients across a spectrum of industries and geographic locations. Whether I end up in Dallas, Denver, or Austin, community will be an important part of my life. Giving back through volunteerism at local food banks, donations at shelters, and contributing time to civic engagement activities will—as they have throughout the years—be a bright spot in my daily life.

As a Christian, my faith has inspired me with a passion for service. Loving others, serving others, and living a meaningful life are the tenets of my beliefs. In my limited experience, I have found that the most sustainable type of service organically flows through actions and attitudes towards the people around you. Loving your fellow man and caring for them in their situations perpetuates an attitude that overflows to other people. I believe life is all about the little forgettable daily gestures that make an impact. Over time, people will see who you truly are and what you stand for.

Meet Stella Tran, Internship Program Alum, 2018

My name is Stella Tran. I attend UC Davis, and I am currently a third year, studying English and Sociology with an emphasis on law and society. A few of my accomplishments include creating and foregrounding APAPA at UC Davis, a student organization on campus after my internship was over. I have worked closely with the Davis chapter to bring resources and events to students at UC Davis in efforts to promote civic engagement and a strong community. We have worked on professional development workshops as well as planned larger events such as heading to our first conference in conjunction with UC Berkeley about dealing with Asian and Pacific Islander American issues. I am also very proud of my work at The California Aggie, a UC Davis student newspaper, where I seek to provide a platform for people to voice their opinions and views on critical, local events. I strive to attend law school because I am very interested in legal writing and the way law has such an impactful influence on society. I hope to specialize in health law as well, particularly because I want to help bridge such gaping disparities to help others receive the utmost care they deserve. No human life should be neglected, and I want to be a part of the dialogue to help promote changes for the better. I am passionate about language, particularly how English literature and the way we speak has evolved so much over time that we can wield words to have an influence on others. Writing for me is also a way of thinking and marinating on dense concepts so that I can better understand humanity as a whole to empathize with others and broaden my scope of knowledge. I love reading and understanding more about the world and how society really functions. I regularly write because I believe words can have such a powerful effect, paving the way for positive changes. Thank you so much to APAPA for allowing me so many opportunities and opening so many doors for me. I would never have thought that I would be able to work with my current team and with such accomplished people.