At APAPA, we are committed to providing public affairs and educational support to Asian, Pacific Islander Americans, and other minority groups. Among the support we offer is providing education around the importance of internet services in our increasingly modern economy. The ongoing transition to fifth-generation (5G) internet demonstrates the ongoing need for access to the internet. With every major carrier in the United States rolling out, or planning to roll out, 5G service in some form or another, the potential opportunities for Asian American consumers and businesses are virtually limitless.

The internet is an integral part of the lives of all Americans, particularly the Asian American community. It enables us to connect with friends and family locally and globally and to pursue new educational and employment opportunities. Moreover, the internet is a powerful tool for civic participation efforts at the local, state, and national level.

Reliable mobile connections allow members of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) immigrant communities to pursue new economic opportunities. However, one recent study found that income inequality among Asian Americans is rising more rapidly than for any other ethnic or racial group. Faster, more reliable internet can help our communities gain access to stronger higher educational opportunities, in turn helping to close the income inequality gap our communities face.

Beyond improved educational opportunities, 5G has the potential to transform how consumers experience entertainment and access information at home and on the go. The Asian American community has historically been an early adopter of new technology. That means our community is at the forefront of new ways to connect and learn, including through expanded use of virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) tools.

From gaming to construction, the low latency and increased bandwidth expected from 5G will support these and other important AR/VR use cases that strengthen our businesses and our communities. 5G can also help support the ongoing adoption of wearable health devices, health monitoring and diagnostic apps, and, perhaps most significantly, telemedicine.

Access to vital employment, educational, and business opportunities are within reach as 5G service and capacity expands. Innovative companies across the country are laying the groundwork for a future that is more equitable and responsive to the social and economic needs of diverse populations.

At APAPA, we are proud to continue our work advocating for the expansion of internet connectivity to the communities – including ours – that stand to benefit most from these exciting technological developments.