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Communications Skills Workshop Series

APAPA’s Government Relations Committee is launching their Communication Skills Workshop Series on Saturday, April 24, 2021. Join their first workshop, The Art of Effectively Pitching a Story for News Coverage, from 10am-12pm PDT. The workshop will focus on providing valuable insight on how you can work with various media outlets to pitch a story idea. 

Join our media experts, Justien Balarie, Senior Producer for ABC 10; Phil Blauer, Anchor/Reporter for Fox 5; Nikka Magahis, Reporter for KFBK AM1530; and our moderator; Jacqui Nguyen, Press Secretary for Senate, for a knowledgeable conversation. Learn about the fast-paced news cycle and the different roles and responsibilities of a producer, assignment editor, and producers in the newsroom. Don’t miss out, join the meeting below. 

Getting Elected to Local Office

APAPA’s Government Relations Committee is launching a 2021 Leadership Skills Training and Speaker Series to share with others the knowledge for success when running for office. The first workshop in this series was Getting Elected to Local Office 101 and was hosted on Saturday, March 27, 2021 from 10 AM to 12 PM PST. Special guest speakers, Lily Mei, Mayor of Fremont, California; Sheng Thao, Oakland City Council President Pro Tempore; Allan Fung, Former Mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island; and our moderator, YK Chalamcherla, Councilmember of Folsom, California, joined us for an informative session on how you can prepare to run for local office. Stay up-to-date with the workshops below.

Getting Elected to Local Office

Workshop 1: Why do I want to run for elected office? – March 27, 2021

  • Learn how to evaluate yourself as a potential candidate for office.
  • What characteristics are needed to be a winning candidate?
  • How to prepare yourself as a candidate.

Workshop 2: How to evaluate the district/city at large that you want to represent. – May 21, 2021

  • What you need to know about your district.
  • How do you fit into the demographics of the district?
  • What are the district’s issues?
  • How can you represent the district issues and how can you win?

Workshop 3: How do you select the right campaign consultant and staff? – August 28, 2021

  • How do you develop networks, support base and message in your district?
  • How do you fundraise?
  • What type of volunteer base will you have?
  • What will be your winning strategy?

Phase 2 Series: Working with potential candidates. – November 13, 2021

  • If there are declared candidates from APAPA who are running, personal consultations will take place with local elected APAPA officials.

*Dates for the workshops below are to be determined.

Communication Skills Workshop Series

Workshop 1: How to work with the print and live media press.

A panel of credential journalist experts from live and print media will discuss how to best message your story to get coverage, how to pitch a story, how to write press releases, understand the correct timing of the news cycle and the nature of the news business and how they select what to cover in newsprint or live media.

Workshop 2: Maximizing Social Media Networks

Learn from social media experts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok) how to maximize the use of social media. Is it replacing traditional media? What is click bait? How to choose which platforms fit your social media needs. What are the best ways to message on social media?

Workshop 3: The Art of Public Speaking

This session will feature the national renowned expert in communication, the former Director of CSU Sacramento Communication Dept., Dr. Barbara O Connor, who gained fame coaching former governors and legislators on public speaking skills. She will provide tips on how to improve public speaking skills and prepare for public appearances, conducting meetings, or meeting with print or live media reporters.  Dr. O Connor conducts the communication workshop for APIA Capitol Academy. There will also be a Q&A session.

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