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Through Increased Leadership And Civic Engagement.

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APAPA Community Organization Partners

ACC Senior Services
American Jewish Committee’s Asia Pacific Institute
Asian Americans Advancing Justice
Asian American Chamber of Commerce
Asian American Unity Coalition
Asian Chinese International Culture Exchange
Asian Culture and Education Society USA
Asian McDonald’s Operators Association
Asian Pacific American Bar Association
Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce
Asian Pacific American Legal Center
Asian Pacific American Legislative Staff Network (APALS)
Asian Pacific Islander Capitol Association (APICA)
Asian Pacific State Employees Association
Asian Services In Action
Association of Chinese Students and Scholar at Stanford (ACSSS)
Association of Northern California Chinese School (ANCCS)
Austin Chinese Alliance
Black American Political Action Association
Boys & Girls Club, Central Florida
California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus (APILC)
California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce
California Care Providers Network
California Chinese Business Association
California Chinese Engineers Association (CCEA)
California Senior Legislature (CSL)
California State Legislature
Cal Poly Pomona Asian & Pacific Islander Student Center
Cal State Fullerton
Capitol Table Tennis Association
Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment (CAUSE)
Center for the Pacific Asian Family
Chang Cheng Chinese School
Change of Pace Foundation
Children’s Nurturing Project
China National Day Foundation (CNDF)
Chinese American Association of Central Florida
Chinese American Association of Solano County (CAASC)
Chinese American Council of Sacramento (CACS)
Chinese American Medical Association of California
Chinese American WWII Veterans Recognition Project
Chinese Association for Science and Technology Silicon Valley
Chinese Biz News, New York
Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida
Chinese New Year Culture Association (CNYCA)

Chinese School San Ramon Valley
Citizens for a Better Community
City of Mountain View Outreach Program
Clean Elections Texas
Compact News USA
Congress of Racial Equality
Confucius Institute at UC Davis
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
Council For Cross Cultural Affairs
Dallas County Democratic Party
Dallas Peace & Justice Center
Diamond Bar High School
Dublin Chinese Association Grove Chinese Association (EGCA)
EPIC Bible College
Excel Academy, New York
Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce
Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Sacramento
Filipino Senior Resource Center
Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce of Solano County, Inc.
Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Southern California
Florida Educational Alliance
Golden Key Chinese School
Golden Gate University
Greater Sacramento Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce (GSVACC)
Han Foundation
Hindu Society of Central Florida
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Hmong Coalition/Sacramento Hmong New Year Coalition
Hmong Health Alliance at Sac State
Hmong University Student Association (HUSA)
Hmong Women’s Heritage Association (HWHA)
HP Association
Hui O’ Hawaii of Sacramento
Indian American Coalition of Texas
Indian Association of Sacramento
Indus Valley American Chamber of Commerce (IVACC)
International Daily News
International Leadership Foundation
Japanese American Citizens League
Jinan Sacramento Sister Cities Corporation
Kissimmee Chinese School of Florida
Kiwanis Club of Kissimmee Florida
Korean American Professional Network
Korean American Political Action
Latino Journal 
League of CA Cities API Caucus
League of Women Voters
LGBTQ Community
Mission Samoa, Inc.
Mt. San Antonio College
National NAACP
Napa Solano Labor Council
National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse
National Council for Chinese Americans
Network of Asian American Organizations

Nehemiah Emerging Leaders Program
New Star Chinese School
Organization of Chinese Americans
Orlando Chinese Professional Association Cultural Arts Foundation of Northern California
Republicans of River City
Russian American Media
Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce (SACC)
Sacramento Capitol Lions Club
Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation (SCCF)
Sacramento Chinese of Indochina Friendship Association (SCIFA)
Sacramento Chinese Sportsman’s Club (SCSC)
Sacramento County Young Democrats
Sacramento Gender Health Center
Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SHCC)
San Ramon Valley Unified School District
Seniors First, Florida
Sierra Chinese School in Rocklin
Solano County Sheriff’s Office
Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
South Asians’ International Volunteer Association
St. Anselm’s Cross Cultural Community Center
Stop AAPI Hate
Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy
Taiwanese American Professionals
The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of New York
The Filipino-American Community of Fairfield, Suisun & Vacaville, Inc.
The Juror Chamber of Commerce of New York
The Salvation Army of Solano County
Thriving Pink
Touro University California
To’utupu ‘oe ‘Otu Felenite Association (TOFA)
UC Riverside Asian American Student Programs
UC System Partnerships
United Asian American for Activism
United Chinese Americans
United Hmong Mutual Union
United Iu-Mien Community Services
US Chinese Railroad Friendship Association
Vacaville Chamber of Commerce
Vacaville Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club
Vacaville Police Activities League
Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA)
Veterans’ Wreath Project
Vietnamese American Bar Association of Southern California (VABA)
Vietnamese American Community of Austin TX
Walnut High School
Walnut Valley Unified School District
Yellow Whistle Project
Yin Ranch

(partial list only)

API Women's Leadership Conference

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